Robust natural ecosystems for biodiversity conservation and human well-being

Nature is essential for all aspects of human existence – biological, economic, spiritual, social, and cultural.


What is Equal One?

Equal One brings together multiple worlds to promote economic well-being and reverse the ongoing biodiversity and climate crisis.
An approach to ecological sustainability that recognises the importance of the role of people and developmental activities in their world and integrates them into conservation programs.

A community-centric initiative that focuses on biodiversity conservation in Asia’s high mountains. Following a conservation-for-development approach, Equal One aims to understand the wildlife and ecosystems, engage with local communities and collaborate with the industry and governments to enable ecologically sensitive development in snow leopard habitats of Asia.

Equal One is an invitation for an open dialogue among people (individuals, influencers and communities) and institutions (governments, organisations and brands) for co-creating a way of living and doing business that is sensitive to natural habitats (people, animals and plants).


People inspire, influence and create change and must be put at the heart of every social program.


The wellness of our present and future society is dependent on the health of our planet and the protection of its biodiversity.


Economic activity is an integral part of our social development but development has to be integrated with ecology for a sustainable future.


We believe the key to creating the world we desire lies in getting the basics right.

Being inclusive

and ensuring development for all sections of society is essential to build sustainable economies

Being ecologically sensitive

helps in maintaining healthy ecosystems – essential for the future of the planet

Being culturally alive

allows contextually relevant and local ideas and creativity to flourish

Being adaptable

helps address challenges and opportunities in the face of climate change


Equal One works in geographies where the snow leopard resides.

The current projects are located in the mountains of India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.