Ecotourism Project in Hopper Valley, Gilgit Baltistan


The Ecotourism Project in Hopper Valley is a collaborative project between the Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) Pakistan, The Ministry of Climate Change and UNDP Pakistan, and local communities in Hopper Valley.

This project funded by GEF under their Project Pakistan Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program (PSLEP) aims to improve and enhance the livelihood of local communities sharing space with snow leopards. A model tourist resort was launched in Hopper Valley in June 2021 which is now co-managed by SLF and a local tourism company.

The project was designed to involve the local community at every stage so that they benefit from it through avenues such as finding jobs, selling handicrafts/other services such as catering, transportation, guided tours, etc. to tourists who visit the site. These income-boosting schemes incentivise the communities to play an active part in the conservation of the snow leopard. It also discourages retaliatory killings of the snow leopard in case there is an attack on their livestock.

In addition to this, the Tourist Information and Facilitation Center at Hopper provide a guidance to ecologically sensitive behaviour for tourists and visitors during their stay.


Improve and enhance livelihood

To promote community-based conservation in order to improve and enhance the livelihood of local communities in snow leopard valleys.

Preserve natural resources

To promote responsible tourism as opposed to commercial tourism that is exploitative for the environment and local communities in order to preserve the natural resources of the valley.

Promote a positive image

To collaborate with the government in promoting a positive image of Pakistan