Funding opportunity for Local Entrepreneurs

Equal One has an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs from local communities in snow leopard landscapes! We are offering grants upto US$ 5,000 each for local entrepreneurs who share the vision and wish to follow Equal One practices. We are especially interested in small-scale businesses or business ideas that have the potential to have a strong impact locally.

Grant Amount

Upto US$ 5,000


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for local entrepreneurs from snow leopard landscapes who have big ideas for businesses built on principles of ecological, social, and economic sustainability and inclusion. To be eligible to apply you must belong to a local or indigenous community from snow leopard landscapes. You can be from any of the 12 countries in the snow leopard range.


What can we offer you?

  • We offer an initial assessment of the business to understand the current ecological, social, cultural, and economic needs of the business. We identify the areas that align with the Equal One vision and values, and opportunities for growth.
  • In addition to financial support, we offer need-based support based on the initial assessment and needs expressed by the entrepreneurs such as capacity building, training, establishment of conservation programmes, marketing, advertising, and brand development.
  • We also offer networking opportunities and the creation of a community that allows  local entrepreneurs from different snow leopard landscapes to connect with, learn from, and support each other.


How to Apply?

Send us your application with the following documents to Applications can be in English, Hindi, Kyrgyz, Russian, Mongolian, Urdu, or Mandarin.

  • Tell us about yourself. One page on who you are, where you’re from, how your values and beliefs align with those of Equal One.
  • A two page business proposal detailing your business idea
  • The grant amount requested and a breakdown of the budget details. You can apply for a maximum of 5000 USD.
  • Half a page of how you think that Equal One can help you with your business